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This was reviewed together with the first set of 5 of these digital shorts. The full review can be read over at The Founding Fields here:http://thefoundingfields.com/2013/09/...Shadowhawk reviews the first five Angels of Death short stories.“As always with such things, this is a right mix of all sorts of stories and for the most part they were all enjoyable. Great little experiment that I’d like to see repeated at some point.” ~Shadowhawk, The Founding FieldsBlack Library has been putting out digital eShorts for about a year and a half now. These particular eShorts are usually about a 1000-words long, sometimes more. They are a great way to provide some extra little content, either to provide more stories about existing characters and series or to springboard altogether new ones, especially when there’s no discernible “market” for novel-length stories about the same. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed all of these, although there have been a few duds here and there.The latest in this format is a series of eShorts that are being put out as tie-ins to the upcoming release of the new Codex: Space Marines, which is rumoured to be coming out very soon. I’ve recently started to get back into reading Black Library’s short content and I have to say that reading all these short stories has been really great. They give great snapshots of the universe at large, often fleshing out some new areas.****The first story here is by Graham McNeill, best known for his Ultramarines novels featuring Captain Uriel Ventris. Codex gives us a snapshot of the Captain’s life post the events of The Chapter’s Due, the sixth novel in the series. Here, we see a fairly routine mission involving Ventris and some of the chosen warriors of the Fourth Company as they liberate Sycorax, a Mechanicus-dominated planet, from the grip of Orks.One of the things that has defined McNeil’s series is that Uriel Ventris has been a very non-Codex Ultramarines, thanks to the teachings of his former mentor and the former Captain of the Fourth Company, Captain Idaeus. His views are something that got Uriel exiled from the Chapter, and only accepted back after he completed a solemn death oath. Now, ever since Courage and Honour (the fifth book), we’ve been seeing Uriel acting very much as the model Ultramarine. There’ve been a few bumps along the way, but Uriel is a through and through warrior of his chapter now. And that is exactly what we see here.He does everything by the book, wins over a new ally of the chapter, and establishes his reputation further among the warriors of the Fourth Company. It really was great to see Uriel back in action, to see this snapshot of his life. It was a straightforward story, point A to point B to end, and I’m fine with that really. Just the sort of story to fit into the required format. Hopefully we can get to see more Uriel soon, such as that rumoured 7th novel that McNeill has had in mind for a while. I’d love that.Rating: 8/10

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